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"What grade do I need on my final to get...?" This final grade calculator has the answer!

This page has two grade calculators that work together or independently. For both there names pretty much say it all. The first lets you calculate your weighted grade at any point in the semester and the second lets you work out what percentage you need to get on your final to get the grade you want.

Both these calculators use percentages if your school uses marks then try the Final Mark Calculator

Weighted Grade Calculator

first mark %   % of final grade
second mark % % of final grade
third mark % % of final grade
fourth mark % % of final grade
fifth mark % % of final grade
Sixth mark % % of final grade
Seventh mark % % of final grade
Eighth mark % % of final grade
Ninth mark % % of final grade
Tenth mark % % of final grade
Weighted average so far %
Total mark % out of a possible % of course so far

Final Grade Calculator

Your weighted average so far %
% Final is worth %
% you want to get %
You need % to achieve your target

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How do you calculate a grade?

How to calculate your weighted grade

To calculate your weighted grade all you need to do is multiply the mark you got in each part of your class by the percentage it is worth towards your final mark. You do the same for each part of the class and then add the answers together. For example if you got 85% on a test worth 20% of your final grade and 70% on an assignment worth 25% the sum would be (85 x 0.2) + (70 x 0.25) = 34.5% out of a possible 45%. To work out your weighted average so far you simply divide 34.5 by 45 and multiply by 100 = 76.67%.

How to calculate your Final Grade

To work out what you need on your final you use this formula:

(g1 * w1) (x * w2) = fg


g1 = your average grade so far

w1 = the amount it is worth towards final grade

x = the grade you need on your final

w2 = the weighting of your final

fg = the final grade you want

so using the prior example, you have 76.67% from 45% of the course what mark do you need on your final to get 90% overall.

Using the formula this would be

(76.67 * 0.45) (x * 0.55) = 90

34.50 * 0.55x = 90

0.55x = 55.5

x = 55.5/ 0.55

x = 100.91.

To get 90% overall you would need 100.91% on your final and so is impossible to do.

You can also use for more grade calculators.

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Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 11.22.15 @ 14:05pm

I am taking my final exam tomorrow for one of my classes and my grade is a 87.69. My exam is 20% of my grade, if I got a 72.5 on my exam how much would that take off my grade?

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 10.14.15 @ 20:17pm

I have an 85% in my math class right now and tests and quizzes are worth 70% of ur final grade so on this last quiz that we took what grade would I need to pass with a B in the class because I am positive that I got like 7 points wrong out of 31

Posted by NO on Tuesday, 09.29.15 @ 15:37pm

I need 101% to get an a in Geometry

Life is Good :)

Posted by kelley on Tuesday, 07.28.15 @ 11:21am

I have a weighted average of 85.99 in my math class right now. I have to get 71% to pass the class with a C. My final is worth 25% of my grade. What do I have to get on my final to pass the class with at least a 71%? Thanks!


Posted by kayla on Friday, 06.19.15 @ 20:30pm

I have a 57% in french and my final exam is worth 15% so what will i need to get a 50% and 60%

10.33% to get 50% overall and 77% to get 60% overall

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.17.15 @ 11:52am

I have 62.93% in my math class, my final is 100 points and is in the summative category of my grade which is worth 90% of my grade. Will I fail the class if I get a 50% on the final?

Posted by john on Tuesday, 06.2.15 @ 09:57am

My mark is 54 % in social right now and my final is worth 25 % ,how much do i need in my finals to pass the course.

Depends what a pass is? If it's 55% then you need 58%. If it's 60% you need 78%

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 06.1.15 @ 18:32pm

i need a 55% and i have a 63%. My final is 10% of my grade, what would i have to score?

You'd need -17%, so you've already got above 55%

Posted by A LTHS Student on Monday, 05.25.15 @ 15:07pm

F#*k hinsdale central you guys blow fat chodes

Posted by janie on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 11:22am

i have a 60 average going in to my final what do i need to score to pass the class, if the final counts 70%

Depends what a pass is. If it's 60% then you need 60% on your final to pass.

Posted by Jen on Thursday, 05.14.15 @ 23:23pm

I have a 72.25% in my math class. We have a test worth 45% of our grade, a quiz worth 25% of our grade, 2 homework assignments worth 10% of our grade and a classwork assignment worth 20%. What percentage out of 100 would I have to get for each assignment to get at least an 84% in the class?

There are too many options to list them all. try putting in different grades for each part in the weighted grade calculator above and see what works.

Posted by Brittney on Thursday, 05.14.15 @ 05:39am

I've gotten a 88.21% assignment grade which counts as 40% of my grade. My two finals count as 60% and I got a 74% on the first one, what do I need on the second to get a 90%?

If the 2 finals are equally weighted at 30% each you would need 108.41% to get 90% overall

Posted by Lola on Wednesday, 05.13.15 @ 00:30am

I was wondering if someone can answer this -> I was told, before my final, that my overall grade so far was at 81%. When I took the final, I don't know where I went wrong with it but it seems that I got 75%. What would then be my total grade % for the whole class??

-Thank you in advance!

If your final was worth 20% then your final grade will be 79.8%.

Posted by Me on Tuesday, 05.12.15 @ 08:07am

I have an 88% in a class (based on 100%) -- My final is 24% of the final grade. What would I have to make on the final in order to get at least a 75% in the class.


Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 05.11.15 @ 07:38am

What do you do if your teacher is a huge c#%t and you might fail anatomy your senior year since she won't let you turn in shit?

Posted by Rodrigo on Thursday, 05.7.15 @ 13:13pm

My genetics class is consisted of 40% 1 midterm and 60% 1 final.

I got a 19/50 on the midterm.... but there is a curve in the class. I don't know what I need for the final to actually pass the class.

Unfortunately as your class is graded on a curve it's impossible to say what you need to pass.

Posted by Lynda on Wednesday, 05.6.15 @ 06:46am

I currently have a 71 average in Nursing and to pass I need a 73.33 average, each test is worth 18% which only adds up to 90% of your grade the other 10% is for projects that do not count unless I get the 73.33 on the tests. Please tell me what I need. Thank you!

How many tests have you done so far to get the 71% average?

Posted by jenny on Sunday, 04.26.15 @ 01:22am

do you have a excel sheet for this system?

No, sorry

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 04.22.15 @ 14:22pm

When you're going off estimated grades before the final because the teacher never posts your grades <<<<
I don't if I should be happy or actually worried.

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 04.21.15 @ 21:56pm


Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 04.20.15 @ 11:58am

I have a B in the class but once i complete extra credit i should have an A, lets say 90%, i missed an assignment that was worth 20% of my grade....what will be my final grade?

We'd need more info than that.

Posted by e on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 12:09pm

i got a 74% in my religion class first semester and right now i have a 74% second semester. I have a project that i didn't turn in that was 110 points if i get a 0/110, but we have a project coming up that's worth 200 points. will my final average for the year be passing?

Depends how many points in the class, how many the 74% refers to and how many points left

Posted by claudia on Saturday, 04.11.15 @ 20:41pm

iam in highschool for my first marking period I got a 50 my second 50 my third a 69 for the fouth what would I need to not fail the class?

Depends what a pass is. If it's 60% and each period is worth 25% then you would need 71.1% in the final period.

Posted by SadCollegeStudent on Friday, 04.10.15 @ 12:31pm

I need a 56% to pass the course, thats higher than i've gotten on the 2 midterm :( wish me luck!

Good Luck :)

Posted by anonymous on Monday, 04.6.15 @ 14:26pm

i got 15/45 which is 20% and 24/48 which is 20% and 2.5/10 is 10% and 7/10 is 10%. the final is worth 40%. will i be ale to pass the course with 50?

Currently you have 43.5% if you get 59.75% or more on your final you'll pass.

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 04.2.15 @ 11:35am

If I scored a 83 on a test that is worth 30 precent, and my grade now is a 85 what will my grade be and how much will in drop or gain?

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 03.23.15 @ 08:50am


Depends how much of the course the 80% and 0% refer to.

Posted by Lex on Tuesday, 03.10.15 @ 08:47am

I Had an overall average of 73.50% for my first marking period. my second marking period is a 58.22%. what do i need for my third marking period to pass?

If 60% is a pass and each of the periods is equally weighted then you need 48.26%

Posted by leigh on Monday, 03.9.15 @ 09:51am

Hello I have a 67% on my over all grade and I have two ungraded assignments one is worth 17% and the other is worth 19% lets say I get a 95% on both what would be my over all grade once these are graded


Posted by AJ on Thursday, 02.26.15 @ 18:38pm

I really what to pass my class, my grade is 73.9% and i need 79.7 to pass the class, our final is worth 20% what is the percentage i need to get on my final to pass the class

If the 73.9% is for the other 80% of the class, then I'm afraid you'd need 102.9%

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 02.6.15 @ 00:04am

For my course, 40% is for tests (each 13.3%), 30% for the final, and 30% for the lab portion. If i got 21% on the first test, what do I need in all the other parts to get at least an A- which is 80%?

You'd need to average 89.05%

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 01.17.15 @ 11:52am

First quarter got a 75.22%, second quarter got a 78.98%. Both quarters are 40% of the final grade. on the midterm I got a 78.43%, and it is worth 12% of my final grade. The final itself is 8% of my final grade. What do I need to get to get a 72.5% and an 82.5% in the class?

Currently you have 77.27%. To get 72.5% you need 17.65% To get 82.5% you need 142.65%

Posted by kanjo james on Thursday, 01.8.15 @ 19:02pm

i am at a 65 in math and i want to pass the course what mark do i need on the exam the exam is worth 20percent

It depends what a pass is. If it is 60% you need at least 40%. If a pass is 70% you need 90%

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 01.8.15 @ 16:08pm

I have 92.35% in a class, what would be my final grade if i got like 40% on my final exam? (The finals are 40% of the overall grade and it is being weighed as 3 exams.)

If the 92.35% is for the other 60% of the class then a 40% on your final would leave you with a final grade of 71.41%

Posted by Alexis on Friday, 12.19.14 @ 08:16am

I got a 60% on my test and it's worth 20% of my grade and I have a 73% in there. Does it bring it down to a D?

It depends how much of your grade the 73% is for. If it is the other 80% then your grade will drop to 70.4%

Posted by Sarah on Wednesday, 12.17.14 @ 19:14pm

So I received these marks in my college writing skills class... 6/10 worth 10%...59/80 worth 30%... 14.30/15 worth 15%... 5/5 worth 5%... 7.75/10 worth 10%... 24/30 worth 30%. So what is my final grade? My teacher says its 72%.

Your teacher is wrong. Doing it the old fashioned way: (6/10*0.1)+(59/80*0.3)+(14.3/15*0.15)+(5/5*0.05)+(7.75/10*0.1)+(24/30*0.3)=0.79175 = 79.175% You need to check that you've got your grades and the weightings correct and if so I suggest you talk to your teacher and point this out.

Posted by Sarah on Wednesday, 12.17.14 @ 19:09pm

Is this really accurate? I go to college in Ontario Canada and I calculated my final mark, and the mark they show on my class website is wrong. What do I do?

Yes it is.

Posted by Joel Gomez on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 22:02pm

I have an 80% in physics and my final is worth 15% of my final grade in that class. How much do i need to get on my final to get at least a 70% on the final grade?


Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 20:47pm

i have a 83 %, finals are worth 20%, and i want to a 86%
so what will i have to score?


Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 14:35pm

Ouch. I need a 102%. In all honesty, some teachers will bump you up just for showing up and volunteering to take the final. I think that may be my case. I have an 87% in the class and I so desperately want a 90 so I hope she bumps me up. It's my only chance. Thanks biology for being so awesome. Not.

Posted by chris on Monday, 12.15.14 @ 16:11pm

if i have a 91.26 in a class and want an 89.5 and my final is worth 20 percent, what do i need?


Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 12.14.14 @ 20:57pm

I need a 60% to get a A in my art history class (less than that really if Im counting extra credit). I got this!


Posted by MZ on Saturday, 12.13.14 @ 20:04pm

Hi! Right now I have an 86.5% in my class. The class grade is weighted so 75%= tests, 15%=labs, 10%=creek project. I will have a 100% in my creek portion, 100% in the lab section. The final is about 150 points is put under the test category and the total amount of points in the test category right now is about 375. What percentage do I need to get on my final to bring my grade to an 89.5%?

Sorry, I don't get the marks you've listed. "Try the Mark Calculator" (link is at the top of the page) It works like this page but using marks.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 12.12.14 @ 09:51am

If I have 85% on my class and my final is worth 20% what do I need to get if i only need 71% in the class?


Posted by Carl on Thursday, 12.11.14 @ 14:04pm

if I have an 83% overall grade going into a final that's worth 30%...and lets say I did very poor on this final exam like 40%. What will be my new and final grade?

If you get 40% your final grade would be 70.1%. You can work out any permutation for this using the weighted grade calculator above (the top one). Just put 83 as your first mark and 70 as the "% of final grade". On the second mark row put 30 in the "% of final grade box". Now you can put different numbers in the second mark box to see how they would effect your final grade.

Posted by kj on Wednesday, 12.10.14 @ 23:22pm

I'm confused, if I have 73% going into the final and my final is worth 30%. How do I need -3.67 to get a 50 in the class? Wouldn't I end up getting 43 if I got a 0 on the exam?

No. If you're going into a final worth 30%, your 73% so far would be from 70% of the class. This means you've got 73 x 0.7 = 51.1%. If you get 0% on your final you will stay on 51.1%.

Posted by Vince on Tuesday, 12.9.14 @ 16:02pm

Your final grade for this class will be based on the total number of points earned from the above requirements, which total 760 points:
400 for chapter tests (4x100 points = 400)
140 for quizzes (14x10 points for syllabus & chapter quizzes = 140)
+ 140 for Discussion Board postings (1X10 points for intro post + 13x10 points for quizzes = 140)
680 points

I have a 65.2 and have one more chapter test and thats it. What will i need to get a C and or a B

If a C is over 70% and a B is over 80% (and you only have 100 points left) then you need 102points and 178points respectively. So sorry unless you can get extra credit you can't do it. However if the missing 80 points from your list are still available then you would need 154 points (C) or 230 points (B) so you could still get a C. Good Luck!

Posted by Ryan Slattery on Tuesday, 12.9.14 @ 13:33pm

I passed english fam

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 12.1.14 @ 15:59pm

My total mark shows: 185/400=46.26%
My weighted total shows: 58.22%
grades so far: test got 50% worth 20%
test got 78% worth 20%
test got 53% worth 30%

what is my total mark in the class so far?? help!

Using those marks you've already got, your weighted average so far is 59.29%. If your class uses points you might find the Mark Calculator better. Just click the link in the top menu.

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 11.3.14 @ 18:37pm

I use this website every week. It has been my motivation on how much I need to study per test in nursing school. Thank you for making such an easy and user friendly site for students. I have directed many of my classmates to this site as well and they have also had good experiences.

Awesome. It's a pleasure and thank you for such nice positive feedback, that's really made my day.

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 08.18.14 @ 15:48pm


Posted by Ana Garcia on Thursday, 08.14.14 @ 21:11pm

I did this but was confused. So I have a 67.1 and my final exam is worth 15% what do I need to get on my exam in order to have a least a 70%


Posted by lyly~ on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 17:19pm

HI i am really confused on how to calculate my average until now.. you said divide by 45 but what is 45? the average left?
also divide by 45 or .45? @.@ im confused..

45 is the % you have completed so far, this is to work out the weighted average so far, and yes you either / by 45 and x 100 or / by 0.45. both give the same answer.

Posted by Madi on Friday, 07.4.14 @ 16:59pm

Only need a 50% to get a 75% so im very happy !!! yaaaay

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 06.12.14 @ 14:27pm

need anything over a 46% and I go to duke

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 06.2.14 @ 15:43pm

And my final is tomorrow :-/

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 06.2.14 @ 15:41pm

So I have a 95.5, and I want t at least maintain a 90, and my final is worth 75% of my grade, what do I need to get to still maintain an A?

You need at least 88.17% on your final

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 06.1.14 @ 13:06pm

I love this thing. I need a 12% to score an A-. Awe ya

Thanks, tell all your friends! and go for the A

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 06.1.14 @ 13:06pm

I love this thing. I need a 12% to score an A-. Awe ya

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, 05.28.14 @ 12:28pm

Thank you so much, this final calculator is accurate and easy to navigate. In future years I will be sure to use this calculator.

Thank you for the great comment, tell your friends to use it too!

Posted by chris on Saturday, 05.24.14 @ 07:58am

Thanks, This is the most accurate calculator I have found!

Awesome! Spread it around.

Posted by k on Friday, 05.16.14 @ 09:41am

I failed oh crap

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 05.16.14 @ 08:48am

My quarter three grade is 72% and my quarter 4 grade is 62%. The final is worth 20% of my grade, and if I average it out, im assuming Its 67%. Would I use 67% as my average weighted and continue from there? or use 62% and jsut prepare for the worst case scenario?

As long as both quarters are worth 40% each, then yeah use the 67% as your weighted average so far

Posted by Anonymus on Friday, 05.9.14 @ 18:08pm

Thanks! I think I can get a 91.

Posted by fuck this on Friday, 04.18.14 @ 06:09am

my score is f**king terrible. -_-. you va**nas

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 01.22.14 @ 09:03am

I got a 75.6 pecent my first quater,worth 40 percent of my grade. I got a 59.9 percent second quater, worth another 40 percent of my final grade. My final is worth 20 percent of my grade. I plugged that in and it said my total mark was 54.2% but my weighted was 67.8%. which one is the real grade? im so confused

The 54.2% is out of a possible 80%. Your weighted grade is 67.8%. This is what you would call your real grade.
I have changed the formatting to make it more obvious.

Posted by Chrystal on Thursday, 01.16.14 @ 09:21am

okay, so my math mark is 72% so far, and I just did EQAO which is 10% will I go to a 60% if I fail EQAO?????

It depends how much of the class the 72% relates to. If you put 72 in the first box, the amount of the class in the next box (eg. 60% of class) then 0 in the second mark box with 10 as the % of final grade. This will tell you how much your grade will change.

Posted by Anon on Tuesday, 01.14.14 @ 17:11pm

f**k im f**ked

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 01.14.14 @ 08:12am


Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 12.24.13 @ 07:15am

How is it possible that I need 80% on a final worth 10% of my grade for my current grade -- 90% -- to drop to an 89, but I need 90% on the final to keep an A?

This is because of the way averages work. Your current grade is 90% so to keep that average you need to get the same in your final eg. 90%. this is always the case - to maintain a grade you need to get that grade. As for the small drop if you get 80% this is because the final is only worth 10% and so only has a minor effect on your grade.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 12.18.13 @ 15:40pm

so my teacher is getting a complete different final then this calculator is giving me

It sounds like one of you is doing something wrong. If you want to email your percentages through using the contact us link at the bottom I'll check for you.

Posted by Z on Wednesday, 12.18.13 @ 09:33am

Thanks so much! I only need a 85% to get an A in my college math class!! I think I can do that! :D

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 12.17.13 @ 11:29am

thanks this really helped

Posted by Alex Deroo on Friday, 12.13.13 @ 17:17pm

Need a -55 to fail lol. F**K PEACE STUDIES

Posted by ANON on Friday, 12.13.13 @ 09:17am

need 92% in chem final to get a 75% overall. Never gonna happen! FML

Posted by tyrone on Friday, 12.13.13 @ 03:42am

yeah ni**a this s**t is tight

Posted by Chase on Thursday, 12.12.13 @ 20:55pm

Party at my house!!!

I take it you've done well!!

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 12.12.13 @ 13:52pm

Thank you for this, I appreciate it.

No problem

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 12.11.13 @ 17:19pm

Im screwed. Thanks for the help. No more studying for me, its hopeless.............................

: - (

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 12.11.13 @ 11:04am

i need to get a 26% on my exam. gonna wirte my name the frist 5 questions walk out lika boss.

: - )

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 12.1.13 @ 20:54pm

Need 125.99 to get an A..umm guess a B it is lol...only need an 84 to get that :)

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 11.22.13 @ 15:23pm

I need a -400 to fail lol


Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 11.19.13 @ 11:46am

This is awesome, thanks a lot

Glad we could help.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 11.15.13 @ 21:10pm

I love the little comments when the final grade is calculated - nice touch


Posted by BD on Saturday, 11.9.13 @ 19:48pm

OH yeah buddie! this calculator is so furda.

Glad you like it!

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 11.9.13 @ 15:29pm

This is really is awesome!! thanx a lot!!


Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.19.13 @ 15:12pm

im f*cked.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.19.13 @ 15:09pm

i need 69 percent to pass D:

Posted by i give up on Thursday, 06.13.13 @ 11:23am

need a 97% on my spanish 2 final to get an A... not happening

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 06.11.13 @ 12:05pm

f*uck yeah

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 06.8.13 @ 11:41am

This is this most accurate calculator I've found. Other calculators showed I had 90% so when my grade came in I was surprised to have an 89.8%! I should have used this one to begin with. Thank you!

Glad we can help. Just remember to tell all your friends about studentspreunited's Awesome Grade Calculator!!

Posted by Jordan Beniot on Thursday, 06.6.13 @ 03:08am

I need a 13 on my film and video exam...looks like im going to have b**t s*x tonight after all

Posted by Oliver on Thursday, 06.6.13 @ 03:06am


Posted by James vid on Friday, 05.31.13 @ 17:23pm

This tool will determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class.

Posted by Briana:) on Friday, 05.31.13 @ 13:56pm

this helped a whole lot ! ! !

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 05.30.13 @ 14:15pm

Study when you need a 50% on a final is like trying to get pregnant at 15, simply idiotic.

Thanks for the website though.

Posted by Leah on Thursday, 05.30.13 @ 08:18am

Need a 94 on my health final... better hit the books

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 05.29.13 @ 14:37pm

need a 95 on my chem final to get an A in the class. COOL. not gunna happen

Posted by POOp on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 10:04am


Posted by F**k Maine East H.S. on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 05:22am

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Posted by F**kmylife on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 03:59am

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Posted by F**kmylife on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 03:59am

need a 70 on my calc final... so basically FU*K CALCULUS IM FAILING THAT BITCH

Posted by Lizzarrdd07 on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 00:54am

Oh hecckk yeaaahhh. I got this!! No need to study :)

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I have an avarage of 69, so my final is worth 30%.. Need Help

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 05.20.13 @ 08:22am

Oh my gosh this saved my life! Thank you!!!!!

Posted by Oreos on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 12:14pm

oh my god i need like 1% to actually fail ap us history... Life IS good .-.

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Love this grading calculator!

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Awesome! Love it! I was going to spend all night studying for a bullcrap sociology exam but now that I know I only need 30% to get an 80% in the class, I'm going drinking!

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Posted by bailey on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 16:51pm

how do u calculate it for a trimester in school?

Posted by schoolanduniversity on Saturday, 02.16.13 @ 18:59pm

Looks good to me may be you can also look at this for budget calculations!

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 01.31.13 @ 14:00pm

im screwed

Posted by mitch fatpuss blackwell on Wednesday, 01.30.13 @ 16:10pm

no way!? this site makes my d*ck as hard as a diamond in an ice storm:D

Posted by evan bigschlong coulter on Wednesday, 01.30.13 @ 16:09pm

this site makes my p**sy so wet

Posted by Mrs. Tryhard on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 16:16pm

Noooo, i need at least a 97 on the exam :( wish me luck!!!

Posted by None on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 04:06am

Works Great!

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 01.12.13 @ 13:48pm


Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 01.9.13 @ 18:17pm

Haha, Party at my house!

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 12.17.12 @ 12:56pm

i dont get it :(

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 09.30.12 @ 20:44pm

No need to study :)

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 09.30.12 @ 01:38am


Posted by infoseinistup on Wednesday, 08.29.12 @ 23:21pm

Hi nice site

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 08.19.12 @ 14:08pm

This is awesome :) Thanks for also posting the calculating proceedures.

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 08.18.12 @ 15:45pm

Makes life easier. thanks!

Posted by anil on Friday, 08.17.12 @ 21:28pm

very bad

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 08.17.12 @ 11:18am

thanks i got a little low but this is the first two weeks of prep.

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 07.31.12 @ 18:40pm

This is a terrific tool. Thank you very much.

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 07.22.12 @ 21:24pm

I need at least a 12.5% on my Algebra 2 Final to get an A. Life is good! :)

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 07.9.12 @ 21:07pm

Thanks so much!!!

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