Final Grade Calculator

"What grade do I need on my final to get...?" This final grade calculator has the answer!

This page has two grade calculators that work together or independently. For both there names pretty much say it all. The first lets you calculate your weighted grade at any point in the semester and the second lets you work out what percentage you need to get on your final to get the grade you want.

Both these calculators use percentages if your school uses marks then try the Final Mark Calculator

Weighted Grade Calculator

first mark %   % of final grade
second mark % % of final grade
third mark % % of final grade
fourth mark % % of final grade
fifth mark % % of final grade
Sixth mark % % of final grade
Seventh mark % % of final grade
Eighth mark % % of final grade
Ninth mark % % of final grade
Tenth mark % % of final grade
Weighted average so far %
Total mark % out of a possible % of course so far

Final Grade Calculator

Your weighted average so far %
% Final is worth %
% you want to get %
You need % to achieve your target

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How do you calculate a grade?

How to calculate your weighted grade

To calculate your weighted grade all you need to do is multiply the mark you got in each part of your class by the percentage it is worth towards your final mark. You do the same for each part of the class and then add the answers together. For example if you got 85% on a test worth 20% of your final grade and 70% on an assignment worth 25% the sum would be (85 x 0.2) + (70 x 0.25) = 34.5% out of a possible 45%. To work out your weighted average so far you simply divide 34.5 by 45 and multiply by 100 = 76.67%.

How to calculate your Final Grade

To work out what you need on your final you use this formula:

(g1 * w1) (x * w2) = fg


g1 = your average grade so far

w1 = the amount it is worth towards final grade

x = the grade you need on your final

w2 = the weighting of your final

fg = the final grade you want

so using the prior example, you have 76.67% from 45% of the course what mark do you need on your final to get 90% overall.

Using the formula this would be

(76.67 * 0.45) (x * 0.55) = 90

34.50 * 0.55x = 90

0.55x = 55.5

x = 55.5/ 0.55

x = 100.91.

To get 90% overall you would need 100.91% on your final and so is impossible to do.