GPA Calculator-4 Point Scale

This GPA Calculator lets you easily calculate your GPA on the 4-point scale. If you want to know what your GPA would be on the 9-point scale use GPA Calculator - 9 point scale instead. Unlike some other GPA Calculators on the web, with our GPA Calculators you can calculate your GPA for any number of courses.

Credit Value Grade

Each grade has a points total associated to it. This differs depending on the scale used. For the 4 point scale these are:

A = 4

B = 3

C = 2

D = 1

E/F = 0

Failed or withdrawn courses are excluded from the calculation as are pass/fail courses

For + grades you + 0.3 and for - grades you - 0.3 . So for example a B+ would be 3.3

Some institutions have an A+ grade, some don't, and the way the A+ is treated in GPA also differs among colleges with some giving it a 4.3, while others just the 4 of an A (it is a 4 point scale after all so in theory nothing should be higher than this). You then work out your weighted GPA by multiplying the credits by the grade points, sum the totals calculated and divide ths by the sum of the credits.

Above a 3.5 is considered a good GPA, over 3.7 very good and would gain you entry to most institutions.