GPA Calculator-9 Point Scale

This GPA Calculator lets you quickly and easily calculate your GPA on the 9 point scale.

The 9 point scale is less commonly used than the 4 point scale and if that's what your looking for try GPA Calculator - 4 point scale instead.

Credit Value Grade

Each grade has a points total associated to it. For the 9-point scale these are:

A+ = 9

A = 8

A- = 7

B+ = 6

B = 5

B- = 4

C+ = 3

C = 2

C- = 1

D or below or withdrawn = 0

Courses which are only pass/fail should be excluded from your calculations

If all of your courses are worth the same amount of credits (points) you simply add up the number of points you have and divide by the number of courses.

If your courses have different credit values you need to work out the weighted average. All you do is multiply the credits by the grade points, sum the totals calculated and divide ths by the sum of the credits.